1.   My poetry

I don’t write fakeness
In my poetry
Throu lines of sadness
And verses of joy
I write my thoughts
Feelings black on white
This is my poetry
This is what I write

Inspired sometimes by my past
I let the words flow
My mind goes like a river
Ideas and verses
Coming togheter to create
A reflection of my self

   2.   I was just…

Iwas just a fool with a hope
Flipped up and down, left and right
Like a coin through your fingers
Now, I forgive you but next time
I will not make the same mistake

I was just a clown with a smile
Cheerful and full of joy
Trying to make you smile
Now, I’m sad and serious but
I have found my happiness in my passion

I was just a child with a desire
Who wanted to heat up
Your cold iced heart
Now, I’ve closed my masochistic heart
Cause pain was the only feeling left

I was just a blinded lover
Who didn’t cared about…
About your body and imperfections
But who loved your soul
Now, I opened my eyes
And learned to love myself first

I was just me

   3.  What i want

I want to let my feelings go wild
I want to show you how I really love
But I’m afraid of you beeing scared of me
Of my real self and the way I am

I want you see my real self
The one that is hidden under the mask
But I’m afraid of taking my fake smile of
And I’m afraid of you seeing me beeing sad

I want to fight for the feeling of freedom
To let what is behind the door run free
Rage flowing in my veins
Fight the demons inside my brain
And become one with the monster
That protected me in danger

This is not a help letter
Neither sad poetry
It’s a confession
Of a broken one
With a dark soul
And a golden
But broken heart